World Cup 2023

The trophy is more suited to Australia

India’s performance in this World Cup is what ultimate dominance means. India topped every test measuring excellence. But on the final night, the hosts could not stand up to the cricketing history and tradition of Australia. Because of the type of victory, maybe the World Cup trophy fits better in Australia’s hands.

India were 76 for 1 after 9.3 overs. Rohit Sharma looked like India will play exclusively tomorrow like the entire World Cup. But a brilliant catch by Travis Head instantly changed the course of the match, sending shivers through the Indian dressing room. From then till the end of the innings, India could not be found without attacking fearlessness. India did not counter-attack during the rest of the innings. This is not the fault of the wicket, but rather the lack of courage to come out of the shell.

India did not have to go for plan ‘B’ throughout the World Cup. That may have become tomorrow. On the other hand, the picture in Australia is quite the opposite. They came so far to fight. Plan ‘B’, ‘C’ are all memorized. Falling into the mud, India did not get any chance to stand up. Australia proved once again how important fielding is to the game. India’s score could have easily touched 270, had Australia’s fielding been of average quality.

Captain Cummins himself bowled brilliantly, as well as the way he rotated the bowlers, it was worth watching. The bowlers bowled in short spells to ensure that the Indians could not get used to the same type of bowling.

Like India, Australia’s batting start was haphazard. Fortunately, Head and Labuschagne managed to manage the blow by biting the ground at one point. Labuchen is a proven Test cricketer. He has made great use of his Test playing experience.

The way Head started the innings, it doesn’t seem like he would have got a chance to go beyond the U-14 level in Bangladesh. If he was out for one or two shots, the coach would have thrown him out of the team, his career would have ended. What a great pressure in the face of maintaining his own independence played! Many who have scored 10-12 thousand or more may have played World Cup. But the world will remember Head for the memorable century on the final night. Best of the match in the final after the semi-final, what a great player!

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