Voting at the center of the discussionVoting at the center of the discussion

Discussions are going on in various circles about the postponement of the National Assembly elections. Opposition Leader of Jatiya Sangsad Begum Roshan Ershad met the President and called for action to delay the election. After that call, the discussion on the matter started.

In the context of this discussion, Election Commission sources said that if there is a political compromise and BNP decides to participate in the elections, they will consider the issue of rescheduling. But it should be decided within the next 10 days. Rescheduling after the deadline for filing nomination papers on November 30 could lead to legal complications.

Otherwise, they are adamant on the decision to hold polls on January 7 as per the existing schedule. No request came to the EC to postpone the election till Monday. This information is known from EC sources.

Talking to several election commissioners, it is known that according to the constitution, the election commission wants to finish the polls within a certain period. The present commission will not go beyond the constitution in any way. However, political parties will consider rescheduling if there is consensus.

They also said that there is a precedent of rescheduling in political compromises in the 11th National Assembly elections as well. Four days after the schedule was announced on November 8, 2018, it was rescheduled on November 12 that year. The polling date was pushed back from December 23 to December 30.

This time too EC has time to reschedule if BNP comes to the polls. Because there is an opportunity to set the polling date till the third week of January.

Election Commissioner Begum Rasheda Sultana in her speech on Monday hinted at delaying the vote. In response to questions from reporters at his office in the election building, he said, “We will welcome them (BNP) if they come to vote.” If BNP comes to the election, opportunities will be created in accordance with the law.

In response to the question whether the EC will take any action if any political party wants to reschedule to participate in the election, he said, “We will certainly welcome them if they want to come to the election with a decision.” If they want to come to the election, we will turn them back – it will not happen.

He also said, “If they (BNP) want to return (to the elections), then we will discuss and decide what to do.”

The election commissioner on Sunday. If Alamgir wants to take part in the elections, he said that he will give support to BNP. Talking to journalists. Alamgir said, “If BNP says we will hold elections, if you help us, then we will do it.” But it is not our responsibility to control the political party. Every effort will be made for those who will participate in the elections. There is nothing to be done about those who do not come to the election.

According to the constitution, there is provision for voting within 90 days before the expiry of the term of the National Assembly. The 90-day countdown has started from last November 1. Before January 29, the 12th National Assembly elections, including voting, gazette publication of the results of the elected should be completed.

It is known that the commission has planned to complete all the processes by January 11. The plan mentions taking steps to hold the polls on January 7 and publish the gazette of the newly elected on January 9. The next day, January 10, will send the gazette to the national parliament.

According to the gazette, the National Parliament Secretariat will take steps to administer the oath to the newly elected parliament members.

EC officials said that the EC will prepare a new action plan if it is rescheduled due to compromise between political parties. Creating that action plan is not a difficult matter. Rather, when big parties like Awami League, BNP, Jatiya Party participate in the elections, their polling agents stay in the polling stations. Polling agents act as facilitators in conducting polling. This makes it easier for the commission to conduct the election process.

According to EC sources, the Election Commission has confirmed the participation of at least 15 registered political parties in this election till last Sunday. These parties informed the EC by writing to participate in the elections.

Among those parties are-Bangladesh Awami League, Jatiya Party, Bangladesh National Awami Party-Bangladesh NAP, Bangladesh Samyavadi Dal (ML), Demokrati Party, Alternative Movement Bangladesh, Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal-JSAD, Bangladesh Workers Party, Bangladesh Tarikat Federation, Jatiya Party ( JP), Trinamool BNP, Bangladesh Supreme Party-BSP, Ganofront, Ganoforum and National People’s Party-NPP.

There are 44 political parties registered in the EC. EC has not received official information about the position of other parties including BNP. However, the commission feels that if the BNP decides to participate in the elections, the rest of the parties will come to the polls. 39 registered political parties including BNP participated in the 11th National Assembly elections.

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