Bangladesh stopped Lebanon with Morchalin's great goal

With the final whistle, some Lebanese footballers lay down on the field in despair. They may not have expected such a draw. But this 1-1 draw is equal to victory for Bangladesh. That’s why Viswanath, Isa Faisal expressed their happiness in front of King’s Arena gallery packed with about 7 thousand spectators.

There is no place in the gallery, four changes in the Bangladesh XI
Bangladesh defeated Lebanon 2-0 in the 2011 World Cup Qualifiers in Dhaka. Lebanon’s FIFA ranking was 159. 147 of Bangladesh. After 12 years, Lebanon is now 79 steps ahead of Bangladesh in the ranking. They are ahead in power. As a result, Lebanon’s victory was the natural expectation in this match. But the Middle Eastern country could not beat Bangladesh despite being the favorite in another World Cup qualifier. Despite falling behind, Bangladesh left the field with their heads held high after sharing the points.

The first half was scoreless. Goalkeeper Mitul Marma was replaced by Mehdi Hasan in the second half due to an injury towards the end of this half. But his debut in the national team was not memorable. In the 68th minute, a sudden ball slipped out of his hands. The ball was easily pushed into the net by the substitute forward Majed Osman. Bangladesh scored many goals against the style of play.

After scoring a goal, Morchalin burst into joy and ran towards the gallery
After scoring a goal, he ran towards the gallery and burst into joy. Photo: Shamsul Haque

But Bangladesh did not have to suffer from the disappointment of this goal for long. Faisal Ahmed Fahim gave the ball to Sheikh Morchalin almost from midfield. Morchalin took the ball alone and scored a great shot from outside the box (1-1). His goal awakened the gallery of the stadium. In the rest of the time, both teams tried to score. But both teams had to be satisfied with one point.

In this draw, Bangladesh got 1 point in two matches for 2026 World Cup qualifiers. Lebanon drew with Palestine in the previous match. Their points are 2 in two matches. However, Lebanon came to Dhaka with the hope of winning. Not getting that victory is a disappointment for them. Although the visitors could not play football like winning. Lebanon’s Croatian coach said it will be difficult to beat Bangladesh at home. That’s really it.

Rakib-Saduddin did not know the rule of two yellow cards
Rakib-Saduddin did not know the rule of two yellow cards
The momentum that Lebanon started the match with could not be sustained after 17-18 minutes. Maybe they have a problem to adapt to the condition. And Bangladesh has developed a midfield game. Morchalin in the attack, the Fahims have quite worried the Lebanese defense. It would be nice to win. However, this draw will increase the confidence of Bangladesh. Bangladesh will play the next match against Palestine on March 21 in Dhaka.

Bangladesh played great attacking football for the rest of the day today after handling the initial pressure from Lebanon. I didn’t think that a team like Lebanon was in front of Bangladesh. Javier Cabrera’s team could have won the match if they had not wasted the opposite goal. At the end of the first half, Bangladesh lost three chances. Despite receiving the ball in a good place, forward Sheikh Morchalin could not score twice. In 89 minutes wasted another chance. Hit the ball very close to the post outside. Midfielder Sohel Ranao missed the opportunity. Rightback Vishwanath’s header went to the hands of the Lebanon goalkeeper. The lack of winger Rakib Hossain, who could not play due to two yellow cards, was felt this time.

Bangladesh played attacking football in the first half against Lebanon
Bangladesh played attacking football in the first half against Lebanon Photo: Shamsul Haque The Bangladesh coach has made four changes to the XI against Lebanon today from the XI that Javier Cabrera used in Melbourne on November 16, Australia’s last opponent. Shakil Hossain replaces Hasan Murad in defence. Isa Faisal replaces Saad Uddin, another defender who is out due to two yellow cards. Sheikh Morchalin replaced winger Rakib Hossain who was out of the field in the previous match due to the same reason. Apart from this, Sohail Rana Jr returned to the XI in place of midfielder Mujibur Rahman Johnny, who was unable to play in the Australia match due to a red card.

However, captain Jamal Bhuiyan was taken off in the 60th minute. Rabiul came to the field. Bangladesh’s attack was also diversified and it also confused Lebanon.

Bangladesh XI: Mitul Marma, Shakeel Hossain, Bishwanath Ghosh, Tariq Kazi, Isa Faisal, Mohammad Hriday, Sohail Rana, Sohail Rana Jr, Jamal Bhuiyan, Sheikh Morchalin, and Faisal Ahmed Fahim.

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