Gaza cease-fire Not Starting Today Israeli Official

Gaza cease-fire Not Starting Today: Israeli Official

Despite the cease-fire agreement, Israel will not stop attacks on the Palestinian Gaza Strip before tomorrow, Friday. The Palestinian independence armed group Hamas will not release the hostages. An Israeli official told AFP this information on Wednesday night.

The Israeli government and Hamas agreed on a ceasefire agreement yesterday. Accordingly, the Israeli attack on Gaza was supposed to stop for four days starting today, Thursday. In addition, Israel is supposed to release at least 150 Palestinian prisoners under the agreement. It will also allow more humanitarian aid to enter Gaza. In exchange, Hamas will release at least 50 hostages from Israel.

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However, the Israeli official said later that they will not stop attacking Gaza before Friday. Shortly before this, the country’s national security adviser, Zaki Hanegbi, said that no one held hostage by Hamas would be released before Friday. But he did not say anything in detail about it. Israeli officials did not give any explanation for Hanegbi’s statement.

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Hamas attacked Israel on October 7. 1 thousand 200 people were killed. The country’s government said that 240 people were taken hostage from the southern region in Israel that day. Shortly after the Hamas attack, Israeli forces began the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza. More than 14,000 residents of Gaza have been killed in continued attacks since then. Most of them are women and children. Source: prothomalo

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