Ghaibi Case Trial Ends Quickly

Ghaibi Case Trial Ends Quickly, So Why Not Tazrin Fire Case Trial?

A fire broke out at Tazreen Garments 11 years ago on November 24, 2012 in the evening. At least 111 garment workers died prematurely in that fire.

The next morning when I visited the garment factory in Ashulia’s Nishchintpur, the first thing I noticed was that the locks of the collapsible gates of several floors of the 9-storey factory were hanging. That is, because the collapsible gates of the factory were locked when the fire broke out, the fire brigade personnel who came to extinguish the fire had to cut the lock of the gate and then enter inside.

The lock on the collapsible gate hangs open
Collapsible gate hanging with lock cut: Kallol Mustafa
When we entered the factory, we saw that the workers fought hard to escape from the fire, the testimony of which is scattered on every floor of the factory.

Unable to get out through the locked collapsible gate, the workers tried to escape by breaking and bending windows, iron grills, exhaust fans, etc.

Workers’ sandals are scattered under every window. Those who managed, jumped through the broken windows or bent iron grills to the roof of the neighboring building, or down the bamboo ladder on one side of the under-construction building. Those who could not, were burnt coal. Source: prothomalo

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