Govt wants to retain power by shedding people's blood: Rizvi

Govt wants to retain power by shedding people’s blood: Rizvi

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, Senior Joint Secretary General of BNP has alleged that the government wants to hold on to illegal power by shedding people’s blood and over dead bodies. He further complained that the government does not want to conduct free, fair and participatory elections.

Rizvi made these allegations in a virtual press conference on Tuesday evening. At this time, he called upon the people of the country and the leaders of the party to make the blockade of tomorrow Wednesday and the hartal program of next Thursday a success.

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said that she (Sheikh Hasina) has created such an environment that everything is in her favor with the 12th parliamentary elections. In order to retain his illegitimate power. That attempt, that plot he is constantly doing. He also said that he does not care what the people of the country think, what the civil society, civil society, international community, democratic countries and people outside the country think. He said, “As in 2014 and 2018, repression was done to different degrees, this time too I can see many fakes and frauds.”

Alleging that the government is trying to cheat with the information of the national identity card, Rizvi said, keeping the information of the national identity card with itself, it is buying nomination forms in the names of various levels of leaders and workers of BNP. But they (in whose name the form is purchased) do not know this. At that time, he raised the topic of buying nomination form in the name of Narayanganj district BNP president Ghiyas Uddin.

In the press conference, Rizvi complained that 335 leaders and workers of BNP have been arrested in the previous 24 hours from this afternoon. Apart from this, 1 thousand 135 people have been accused in 9 cases.

Calling for a blockade on Wednesday and a hartal program on Thursday, Rizvi said that such misrule, bad times and hardships must be overcome under this government. So this dictator has to be defeated. People’s power must be brought to the streets to force the government to resign.  [ Source of data: prothomalo ]

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