Three Bangladeshi workers were killed in a building collapse in Malaysia

Three Bangladeshi workers were killed in a building collapse in Malaysia

Three workers were killed in a building collapse in Malaysia. Two injured. Four people are missing. All of them are Bangladeshi workers, police said. Malaysia’s national news agency Bernama reported this information.

The accident took place in the country’s Penang state around 10:15 local time on Tuesday. Penang Deputy Police Chief Mohd Yusuf Jan Mohd confirmed in a press conference that the victims of the incident were Bangladeshi nationals.

Jan Mohammad said that the police received information about the accident yesterday at 9:45 pm local time. Two workers were killed on the spot when the building collapsed. Another died in hospital. Two workers were seriously injured in the incident. They were rescued and sent to Penang Hospital.

Four workers are still missing, said Jan Mohammad, who is believed to be buried under the rubble. The fire service continues to search.

The police did not reveal the names of the dead, injured and missing workers.

Sheikh Ismail Alauddin, an official of the Bangladesh Embassy in Malaysia, said that they are waiting for detailed information about the victims. They will not make any statement before receiving official information. He has already asked the contractor of the under-construction building to provide information about the affected workers. Although they know, the workers who were working in the building under construction, they came from Bangladesh. However, before making any statement in this regard, documents are needed to identify the affected workers. The news source: is Prothomalo.

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