FIFA lost to football agents in England

FIFA lost to football agents in England

FIFA has lost its legal battle with football agents at an arbitration court in London. Football’s governing body set certain limits on the fees and commissions agents receive when buying and selling players between clubs. It is also supposed to be effective from last October.

However, in several European countries including England, the agents and their organizations started a legal battle over this. FIFA confirmed yesterday that an arbitration court in London had ruled in favor of the agents. As a result of this ruling, FIFA’s project under the control of agents is under threat, according to the news agency AP. Because England is one of the top earning countries for football agents. Among the domestic leagues around the world, the English Premier League has the highest turnover.

According to the FIFA proposal, an agent can earn a maximum of 10 percent from transfer fees. And players whose salary is more than 200,000 US dollars a year, can take a commission of maximum 3 percent from them. And if the player’s salary is less than two hundred thousand dollars, then you can take 5 percent. Also, the same person cannot be the agent of both the club selling the player and the club buying the player in one transfer.

According to the United States media “The Athletic”, four major agencies of agents appealed against these rules of FIFA. England’s Football Association (FA) believes FIFA’s rules for agents breach the UK’s Competitive Sports Act. Last September, the decision of the arbitration tribunal in London was ultimately against FIFA.

A statement from the Football Forum Group of Agents praised the company’s president, Jonathan Barnett. Barnett’s role as Gareth Bale’s agent was praised in the success as ‘important for all agents’. Agents’ lawsuits against FIFA are ongoing in several other European countries. However, last July, the highest sports court, the Court of Arbitration for Sport, received a ruling in favor of FIFA.

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