George Santos lost his membership in the US Congress due to irregularities

George Santos lost his membership in the US Congress due to irregularities

Rep. George Santos’ membership in Congress has been revoked after he was accused of unethical practices. He lost his membership in the lower house of the US Congress on Friday.

311 members voted in favor of a motion to expel Santos, the Republican leader of New York, from Congress. And 114 people voted against the proposal. Through this, Santos became the sixth person in the history of the United States to be expelled from Congress.

The House of Representatives voted once before on a motion to expel Santos from Congress. But he was spared as senior leaders of Seva’s Democratic Party voted against the proposal.

A recent House Ethics Committee report revealed that Santos used campaign funds for himself. The report details how Santos spent the money on travel, beauty treatments and luxury goods.

After the publication of this report, the crisis of satisfaction increased. Under pressure, he announced that he will not be a candidate in the next election. But the Congress members were not satisfied with that.

In Friday’s vote, 112 members of the House, including the top four leaders of Santos’ own party, the Republican Party, voted to keep him. 105 members of the Republican Party voted to expel Santos. Along with this, 206 votes of the Democratic Party have been voted in favor of the proposal.

Last May, the court indicted Santos on 13 charges, including fraud, embezzlement of government funds, money laundering and making false statements to Congress. Then in October, 10 more charges were filed against him in the court. His trial is expected to begin next year on these charges.

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