The Chhatra League leader who said 'no medicine on Mair' was arrested

The Chhatra League leader who said ‘no medicine on Mair’ was arrested

Narsingdi District Chhatra League President Ahsanul Islam Rimon has been arrested by the District Police’s Intelligence Branch (DB). Today Friday at 12:50 PM, he was arrested from the gate of Bangabandhu Hall of Dhaka University. He has been accused of breaking election code of conduct and giving provocative speech in Narsingdi.

Awami League nominated candidate of Narsingdi-1 Sadar constituency in the 12th National Parliament election, current Member of Parliament Md. Nazrul Islam, Vir Pratik held an exchange meeting. Ahsanul Islam Rimon, President of Narsingdi District Chhatra League, spoke at the meeting held at Narsingdi Club last Wednesday. At that time, he threatened to beat the individual who took a stand against the boat. His statement was widely spread on social media Facebook.

In the viral video, the president of the District Chhatra League can be heard saying, “We don’t know any individual, there is no medicine on Myr.” The Chhatra League did not believe in any party. How to do PDI on your own, hey shows. Losing, we will go down. In this city, no seats can be given to independent candidates in any constituency of this seat. They are against the boat, against the liberation war, they are against the country.

Then Narisandi Election Officer Assistant Returning Officer Omar Farooq filed a case at Sadar Model Police Station on Thursday night on the complaint of violation of election code of conduct. At the same time, a show-cause notice was given to District Chhatra League President Rimon. The electoral inquiry committee of that constituency has asked why legal action will not be taken against him in this case of violation of the election law. Narsingdi Joint District and Sessions Judge Nahidur Rahman Nahid, a member of the Election Inquiry Committee, gave the show cause notice on Thursday night. A written reply is asked within 24 hours of receiving the notice.

Meanwhile, in a speech given before his arrest, the president of the District Chhatra League referred to himself as the dedicated soul of Awami League and the “vanguard” of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and said, “Parties who will be independent candidates against the boat, those who will take a position to sink the boat, I think they are against the Awami League.” Liberation war and anti-independence. Opposing Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. They are standing against the ideology of Bangabandhu. I have warned against them. I will do whatever it takes to make the boat a winner.’

Narsingdi Deputy Commissioner and Returning Officer about the arrest of Chhatra League leader Badiul Alam said, ‘We want to present free, fair and competitive elections. We will take strict legal action if anyone obstructs it or violates the electoral code of conduct. According to the data, dainikamadershomoy

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