With 10 wickets, Taijul's sights are set on something better

With 10 wickets, Taijul’s sights are set on something better

Taijul Islam got 10 wickets twice in one Test. Both are at Sylhet International Cricket Stadium. The interesting thing is that there have been two test matches in this field of Sylhet!

Sylhet was introduced as a test venue in November 2018. Bangladesh lost that Test against Zimbabwe by 151 runs, but Taijul took 6 and 5 wickets in two innings for a total of 11. After five years, Sylhet’s second Test against New Zealand ended today with a win-loss margin of 150 runs. But this time the winning team is Bangladesh, and Taijul’s contribution to that victory is 10 wickets in two innings. He has memorized the language of the soil of Sylhet!

Taijul came to the press conference at the end of the day with 4 wickets in the second innings yesterday. Even though he became man of the match today, he did not come to the official press conference. What to talk about, said at the prize distribution ceremony after the match. Later, he faced the media in front of the dressing room.

The soft-spoken Taijul gave his reaction to being man of the match with 10 wickets. Although his response was limited, the veteran left-arm spinner spoke more for the team than himself, “When you get something big, there’s always celebration.” Not that we didn’t celebrate today. Of course we celebrated, on the field or in the dressing room—everywhere. But what is one thing, we are waiting for that, to get something better.’

Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal have two shadows on Taijul. Like Shakib is a left-arm spinner, so is Taijul. Due to party coordination, if Shakib is there, Taijul does not get a place in the eleven. If he bowls well, most of the time the questions asked to him start like, ‘In the absence of Shakib…’ Taijul’s role in the team is as if Shakib’s ‘dummy’!

On the other hand, Taijul can be said to be Tamim’s close companion in the national team. He is probably the closest to Tamim in the team. Taijul said after the match yesterday, both Shakib and Tamim called him during the Sylhet Test and wished him well. I spoke to Saqib Bhai on the phone yesterday. Shakib bhai gave the call. Talked to Tamim’s brother too. I talk to Tamim bhai regularly. I personally consider him like my elder brother’ — said Taijul.

There is no question about Taijul’s ability as a Test bowler. There should be no question about his ODI ability either. However, his chances of playing in this edition are very rare due to the addition or subtraction of team coordination. Played only 18 ODIs in 9 years, but remained wicketless in only three matches. However, after not seeing his name in the New Zealand tour team, Taijul expressed a little disappointment at the end of the day, “Everyone has regrets.” I am sorry too. Tomorrow (the day after tomorrow) the team gave, maybe you saw it. I don’t want to talk about it.’

Today, Taijul tried to hide his disappointment in such a context, “No player will play all his life. My only hope is that I will not stay, whoever comes in my place will perform. Whoever comes, should give something good to Bangladesh.

31 years is nothing for a spinner, if he can maintain his form. Taijul, however, occasionally reminds us that he is not yet ‘old’. Of course, he repeatedly told the performance of the field. He took 10 wickets in two innings in Sylhet Test against New Zealand which ended today. Taijul has taken 72 wickets in 14 Tests from January 2021 to the ongoing Sylhet Test, taking 5 or more wickets 5 times including 7 wickets once. As he gets more experienced after 9 years of his career, he is becoming a symbol of dependability with the ball.

However, because he is a quiet, unassuming person, he remains hidden in many things. There is often wild jubilation on the field for the joy of getting a wicket, but off the field it is very quiet – ordinary. Even after 9 years of international career, his words do not come up in the discussion of the team’s ‘Leadership Group’. For the past one and a half to two years, there has been so much discussion about the leadership of the Bangladesh team in different editions, Taijul’s name has not been heard.

Taijul, however, does not seem to have any regrets. When the team needs it, they are doing it! He doesn’t want anything more than that.

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