Whole process including reshuffling of UNO-OCs a farce: Rizvi

Whole process including reshuffling of UNO-OCs a farce: Rizvi

The Election Commission (EC) has ordered the transfer of Upazila Nirbahi Karmakata (UNO) and Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Thana in view of the 12th National Assembly elections. Criticizing their decision, Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, Senior Joint Secretary General of BNP, said that the EC’s decision to transfer is just a reshuffling of UNO-OCs sympathetic to Awami League. He referred to the whole process of election with this reshuffle as a drama of laughter and jokes.

Rizvi said these things in the virtual briefing on Sunday. He said that talking about the violation of Awami League’s code of conduct for domestic elections is tantamount to making fun of the commission with the people.

Rizvi pointed out that BNP leaders and activists are being arrested, searched and attacked all over the country. He also said that not only the leaders and workers of BNP are in fear, there is also fear among the common voters.

On October 28, many journalists were attacked around the BNP convention. In this context, Rizvi said that the government is crying because journalists have been attacked. But many journalists have been killed, assaulted and tortured by the oppression of the current government. In the last decade and a half, many journalists including the journalist couple Sagar-Runi have been killed and many have served jail terms. According to the prothomalo

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