The ‘big eagle’ is losing strength and will sit down in the winter

The sky is covered with gray clouds. no sun Darkness is frequent. It is also raining. Like rainy season. It is under the influence of the powerful ‘Big Eagle’. But the Eagle is now gradually losing power. Rain and clouds will disappear from Sunday. Then winter will come. Such is the weather forecast.
This rain-soaked Meghmedur environment is under the influence of Cyclone Migzaum. The name ‘Migjaum’ is given by Myanmar. It is a Burmese word. The mighty big eagle is called Migzaum in Myanmar.

On November 29, a depression formed in the South Andaman Sea. It gradually intensified and developed into a low pressure on 2 December and a deep depression the next day on 3 December over South Bay of Bengal and adjoining areas. Formed into a cyclone named Migzaum. The cyclone has now weakened. According to the Met department, the Migzoum has now moved towards North Andhra Pradesh in India. And has become unimportant. However, its influence is not completely cut, the evidence is found in this cloudburst. It is said to be a ‘mighty big eagle. to know more prothomalo

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