134 employees hired on Sadiq Abdullah's last working day were sacked

134 employees hired on Sadiq Abdullah’s last working day were sacked

Barisal City Corporation’s newly ex-Mayor Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah appointed 134 daily wage employees in the city corporation on his last working day. The appointment of those 134 employees was canceled on Thursday. This decision was taken 28 days after the newly elected mayor Abul Khair Abdullah assumed office. Apart from these 134 sacked, 51 salaried employees have been verbally instructed not to come to work.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of Barisal City Corporation, Masuma Akhtar confirmed the matter and said that the rest will also be given a notice of dismissal on the opening date of the office next Sunday.

These 185 employees were appointed by Sadiq Abdullah as daily wage employees last time before handover. Similarly, Sadiq irregularly promoted and made permanent the posts of several officers loyal to him. At that time, there was a lot of debate and discussion about this.

According to Nagar Bhaban sources, on Thursday evening, the authority suspended 134 employees working in several branches including administration, market, cleaning, warehouse, electricity property, birth registration, engineering, city security, tax collection, property, trade and public relations and posted a notice on the board. Another 51 employees have been banned from coming to work via phone.

However, many of the sacked workers claimed that even though they were sacked, many employees were not paid a month’s salary. They were recruited and joined two months ago.

Tajammul Islam, an office assistant dismissed from the administrative branch, said, “I joined the service on November 1 last.” Worked till 6 pm on Thursday. After that, we were informed that our appointment has been cancelled. Security worker Shahidul Islam said, “I have worked for two months. After work on Thursday evening, when I went to the city building, the administrative officer told me not to come again. I have not been paid a month’s salary.

According to a source of City Corporation, Barisal City Corporation is already low in income. On top of that, the corporation is saddled with debt due to non-receipt of government and private grants and allocations in the last five years. The current mayor has assumed responsibility with a debt of more than 300 crore rupees. In such a situation, during Sadiq Abdullah’s five-year tenure, hundreds of loyal party workers were assigned to the City Corporation on salary basis. A further 185 salaried employees were then hired in an announcement on the last working day of the devolution.

The newly elected mayor Abul Khair Abdullah took charge as the mayor on November 14. On that day, a civic rally was organized in front of the City Corporation at Fazlul Haque Avenue. Speaking there, Khair Abdullah said, “Today I am taking responsibility for the debt burden of 300 crore rupees. It is the responsibility of the city dwellers. There is only 12 crore rupees in the fund. Still I’m not disappointed, there’s nothing to be disappointed about. We have to work. The promise I made on the eve of the elections to build a new Barisal, I am reiterating today. I am reiterating the promise that people have given me the love, trust and responsibility that I will fulfill with devotion.

Earlier, Abul Khair Abdullah while talking to Prothom Alo said on November 13, “The quality of those who have been managing Nagar Bhaban for so long is substandard. The most regrettable thing is that in the new journey that we will start, no officer wants to join here in the position of chief executive. Why not, I’ve been trying to figure that out for four months. Whoever I talk to, they complain that there is no honor when they go here, they lose respect. A secretary joined a few days back and wants to be transferred again. I kept him with many requests.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of City Corporation, Masuma Akhtar said, “We have twice as many employees as we need. Those who have been fired, are employed on daily wage basis. According to the terms of appointment, the authorities can terminate their employment at will. Therefore, the appointment of 134 people has been canceled as it is not necessary.

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