UN does not send observers without specific mandate: Dujarric

UN does not send observers without specific mandate: Dujarric

The UN no longer sends observers without a specific mandate, said Stephen Dujarric, spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. He said this in response to questions asked at the regular briefing of the United Nations on Friday.

Dujarric also said that he has not seen the letter sent by the Bangladesh government to the UN Secretary General. However, the United Nations expects free, fair and credible elections in Bangladesh, he said.

The briefing was held at the United Nations Secretary General’s office in New York on Friday. At that time, a journalist asked, “Bangladesh is determined to hold free, fair and participatory elections.” Bangladesh will welcome all kinds of cooperation from its democratic allies. Whether the United Nations is planning to send observers during the national elections of Bangladesh or not.

In response, Stephen Dujarric said, ‘No. More recently…as far as I can remember, the UN no longer sends observers unless there is a specific mandate.’

In the briefing, the journalist asked another question, ‘The United Nations will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and the International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide. The United Nations has not yet taken steps to recognize the activities of the occupying forces (Pakistan) during the 1971 liberation war in Bangladesh as acts of genocide. I would like to know your comments in this regard.

In response, Dujarric said, ‘Firstly, with due respect to these historical events and to those who suffered in these historical events, I will not comment on these long-ago events. Second, as we have repeatedly said, it is not up to the Secretary-General to recognize an event as genocide. The responsibility rests with the competent judicial authority.

Another journalist Stephen Dujarric said in the briefing, “Bangladesh government has written a letter to the Secretary-General seeking support from the United Nations, calling the people’s demands for democratic and suffrage unjustified, and citing the issue of orchestrating political pressure before the elections.” I got to know this from the report published in the media. What do you say about this? Will the Secretary-General reward the government that is preparing for another one-sided election by keeping opposition leaders in jail?’

In response Dujarric said, ‘I have not seen the letter. I can only tell you this much about the elections in Bangladesh, which I have said in detail before – we expect free, fair and credible elections.’

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