Not meetings that discourage voting EC

Not meetings that discourage voting: EC

The Election Commission (EC) has directed the Home Ministry not to allow any gatherings or political programs that may discourage voting in the 12th National Assembly elections.

On Tuesday EC Deputy Secretary. Atiyar Rahman has sent the directive to the senior secretary of the Public Relief Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

It is said in the instructions, ‘The day of polling for the 12th National Parliament election is scheduled on January 7. Campaigning for rival candidates will begin from December 18.
From December 18 until the end of the polling period, it is advisable to refrain from holding and carrying out any kind of political program except election campaigns, which may hinder the election process or discourage the voters from voting.

In this situation, it is requested to take necessary measures to prevent everyone from taking and implementing any type of meeting, rally or any other type of political program other than election campaign from December 18 till the time before the end of polling.

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