BNMO is now threatening to withdraw from the election

BNMO is now threatening to withdraw from the election

Chairman of Bangladesh Nationalist Movement (BNM) and brave freedom fighter Shah Md. Abu Zafar said that they took part in the elections with the assurance that the upcoming National Assembly elections will be fair and impartial. However, if they see that the election is not fair and impartial or there is no election environment, then BNM will withdraw from the election.

Abu Jafar said this during an exchange of views with journalists after the extended meeting of the party in Madhukhali, Faridpur. It was organized at Banmalidia Mahalla of Madhukhali around three o’clock on Saturday. He is a former Member of Parliament from Faridpur-1 (Boalmari, Alfadanga, Madukhali) Constituency. He is now running as a BNM candidate from this seat. Before joining BNM, he was a member of the Central Executive Committee of BNP.

There is talk that the government has the patronage behind this group known as King’s Party. Abu Jafar’s chief election coordinator Ghulam Mansoor presided over the extended meeting. Syed Abul Bashar, Shah Muhammad Khayyam, Khandkar said. Obaidur Rahman, Abul Kalam Azad, Abdul Malek, Zafar Sardar, Tahmina Zafar, Shahjahan Master etc.

Before this, Abu Zafar held another discussion meeting at his own building on College Road in Boalmari Upazila Sadar at around eight o’clock on Friday night. Abu Jafar said at this time, “I have been assured by the higher levels of the government that there will be a neutral election.” Anyone can be voted for. So I came to the election with the responsibility of BNM. Coming to the election, I see such an atmosphere. The fear of people has passed.

In response to a question, Zafar claimed that 85 percent of BNP people are with him. They are silently campaigning for him.

When asked about Zafar’s statement, General Secretary of Upazila BNP Sirajul Islam said that he (Shah Zafar) said about 85 percent of leaders and workers is not correct. But a section of BNP is working for him, that’s right.

Shah Md. Zafar’s supporters said that Abu Zafar was elected member of Parliament several times from Faridpur-1 constituency. In the last by-election of 2005, he was elected as a member of parliament as a candidate of BNP. On November 20, he left the BNP and became the acting chairman of the newly formed BNM. Before joining BNM, he was a member of the Central Executive Committee of BNP.

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