Inauguration of one building costs 44 and a half lakh taka

Inauguration of one building costs 44 and a half lakh taka

Authorities have spent Tk 44 lakh 55 thousand in the inauguration of one building in Chittagong University. This cost was shown at the inauguration ceremony of the academic building of the University’s Faculty of Marine Sciences and Fisheries. However, various criticisms are going on in the university about this cost. Senior teachers have demanded a fair probe into it, saying it is unusual to spend so much money to inaugurate a building.

It can be seen in the documents of two offices in the university, that proctor Nurul Azim Sikder took money in two installments on the order of the vice-chancellor on the occasion of the building. The money was taken in the first phase on May 30. On that day, it was mentioned in a letter from the Department of Planning and Development that the Vice-Chancellor Shireen Akhtar ordered the Member Secretary (Proctor) of the committee formed on the occasion of the Education Minister’s visit to pay an advance of Tk 33,55,000. In view of that letter, the proctor took the money that day.

And in the second step, he took the money on September 18. In a letter given to the Comptroller of Accounts Office that day, Proctor Nurul Azim Sikder mentioned that the program was not completed with the 33 lakh taka he had taken for conducting the inauguration ceremony of the building. Another 11 lakh rupees is required due to increase in price of goods and incidental additional cost. That is, the cost of opening the building is 44 lakh 55 thousand taka.

This building has been built under the project titled ‘Institute of Marine Sciences and Fisheries Research and Capacity Building’. It has the facility of academic infrastructure of Institute of Marine Sciences, Department of Fisheries and Oceanography. Its construction started on 29 January 2019. The cost was estimated at 35 crores. After the construction, the contractor handed over the work to the university last April. Later on June 4, Education Minister Dipu Moni inaugurated it.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the building, 44 lakh taka has been spent in any sector, convener of the organizing committee of the university, Dean of the Faculty of Marine Sciences and Fisheries. This reporter of Prothom Alo has been in contact with Shafiqul Islam and Member Secretary Nurul Azim Sikder for at least seven days. Met several times. But none of them could give any specific account.

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