Jamal Mia's courtyard meeting in Faridpur-2 constituency

Jamal Mia’s courtyard meeting in Faridpur-2 constituency

In Faridpur-2 (Nagarkanda-Saltha) constituency, independent candidate Advocate Jamal Hossain Mia has held public relations and yard meetings as part of his election campaign. A courtyard meeting was held at Kalyanputi area of Laskardia Union in Nagarkanda on Thursday afternoon.

In the courtyard meeting organized by the local residents, the dignitaries urged everyone to vote for the freedom fighter’s son, Advocate Jamal Hossain Mia, on the Eagle Bird Mark.

Various local problems were highlighted from the yard meeting. In the speech of the chief guest, Jamal Hossain Mia said, I am a child of your area. My father and mother served the people of the area during their tenure as chairman. My brother is doing a lot of development work in the area as the current chairman. I myself have stood by people’s happiness and sorrow at different times. As a child of the area, I want to promise you, I want to be by your side all the time.
He also said that the people of Faridpur-2 constituency have been neglected for a long time. If you vote for me, I will take responsibility for the development of your area. Any negligence you have suffered will be covered. I want to do whatever is necessary to improve the fortunes of the people of the area.

Hundreds of thousands of men and women from various professions of Laskardia Union were present in the courtyard meeting.

Meanwhile, Nagarkanda Upazila Awami League general secretary and independent candidate of Faridpur-2 constituency, Advocate Jamal Hossain Miah, has been conducting public relations from afternoon to late night as part of the election campaign. Senior leaders of Nagarkanda Upazila Awami League were present with him. [ according to the bd-pratidin ]

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