The army will enter the field from December 29

The army will enter the field from December 29

The armed forces will be on the ground for 13 days in the 12th national parliament election. The members of the armed forces will enter the field on December 29 and perform their duties till January 10. Along with the armed forces, Police-RAB, Armed Police Battalion (APBN), Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), Coast Guard and Ansar Battalion will be on duty during the 13-day election.

These things were informed in a circular issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs on Thursday (December 22).

According to the circular, 15 to 17 members of various forces will be engaged in the security of each polling station. The armed forces will assist the local civil administration. For 13 days before and after the polls, law enforcement and armed forces will act as ‘mobile teams and striking forces’. The Ansar battalion will serve as a supporting force in mobile teams with the police. Members of Ansar-VDP will be engaged in the security of the polling station for five days on the two days before and the next two days.

The circular also said that a maximum of 15 to 16 policemen, Ansar and village police will be deployed in general polling stations in metropolitan areas, outside metropolitan areas and hilly and remote areas, and a maximum of 16 to 17 policemen in important polling stations. However, the returning officer can increase or decrease the number if he wants.

It has been mentioned in the circular that taxis, microbuses, pickup vans, trucks, launches, engine-driven boats will not be allowed to operate in the constituency from midnight on January 6 to midnight on January 7. According to the circular, no one can carry and display legal arms till January 9. Only emergency vehicles and those authorized by the Election Commission (EC) will be allowed to ply. 48 hours before and 48 hours after the start of polling, processions, meetings and processions cannot be held.

Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Habibul Awal on December 17 at Bangabhaban President Md. He met with Sahabuddin and requested the army to be deployed in the polling area. The President gave principled consent to that request. The day after that meeting, the EC sent a letter regarding this to the Armed Forces Department.

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