The child was not kidnapped, the mother gave it to another woman: the police

The 9-day-old child who was reported to have been abducted from Basabo Buddhist Temple area in the capital, was not abducted. The child’s mother herself gave the child to a woman for fostering, police said.

Praloy Kumar Saha, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Sabuj Bagh Police Station gave this information at Prothom Alo around 8:50 PM today.

OC Praloy told Prothom Alo on telephone that from noon to evening Halima, the child’s mother, told the interrogation that her child was abducted by an unknown woman. According to the information given by him, the CCTV information around the incident site was collected. During the interrogation later in the evening, Halima admitted that she had lied earlier. Husband is a rickshaw puller. Their poor family. Raising four children is difficult. Thinking about everything, he voluntarily gave the child to the woman.

Meanwhile, the child’s father Maksud Ali told Prothom Alo that his wife did this without his knowledge. Police have contacted the woman to whom you gave the child.

OC Praloy Kumar Saha said, tomorrow the child will be rescued and returned to the family.

Earlier, Pralaya Kumar Saha told Prothom Alo, quoting Halima Khatun, that Halima left for Mugda Medical College Hospital with her 9-day-old child Junayed in a CNG-driven auto-rickshaw from Rajarbagh. When the autorickshaw carrying Halima came to Kadamtala area, another woman boarded the autorickshaw. After the autorickshaw stopped near the Buddhist temple, Halima got down with her child. The unidentified woman also went down there. Then the woman took Junaid in her arms. After that, before Halima knew anything, the woman ran away with the child.

According to the prothomalo

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