Rejected by people, BNP hires foreign agents: Information Minister

Rejected by people, BNP hires foreign agents: Information Minister

Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Hasan Mahmud said that the people have rejected BNP’s announcement to contest the election. In retreat, they are now talking about boycotting the elections and hiring some Jewish agents, including David Bergman.

The information minister said this in response to a question during an exchange of views with journalists in the meeting room of the ministry at the secretariat on Thursday afternoon.

The information minister said, ‘BNP’s anti-election campaign and announcement of resisting the election have been rejected by the people. BNP retreated after seeing the way people responded to the elections. Along with this, they are now hiring lobbyists and writing articles in various newspapers abroad. They have hired some Jewish agents, including David Bergman, and are trying to get anti-national reports in the international media.’

Hasan Mahmud said, “Begum Khaleda Zia wrote articles against the country in her own name. This is nothing new. BNP can do everything.

At that time, when asked about the comments made on the politics of Bangladesh in the recent report of the Brussels-based organization International Crisis Group, the Information Minister said, “It is very easy to write a report sitting in Brussels.” They must have written the report another 20-25 days or a month ago. If they had come to the country and visited the villages, they would have corrected the report. Hopefully, they will correct the report later.”

In response to a question about whether the Left Alliance will boycott elections, the Information Minister said, “I respect the Left brothers very much.” Because, the left brothers are the strength of our liberation war, the progressive force. But sadly the truth is, the left brothers have no votes. So, whether they abstain from voting or not, it will not have any effect on the election.

Hasan Mahmud said, “European Union, United States, SAARC countries, OIC and other countries and alliance countries have already sent election observers. As in other times, including in 2008, observers came from abroad, domestic observers also sought permission from the Election Commission in large numbers, and many received permission. The interest of different countries of the whole world in this election is proved, this election has been widely accepted by the international community. So this anti-election campaign of BNP and these statements of their leaders are actually empty and have no appeal to the people.

The Information Minister said, “Many famous parties and many famous leaders did not participate in the 1970 elections. But the people participated massively and it was a highly acceptable election internationally.

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