Restrictions on traffic in Dhaka will start from tomorrow around the elections

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has banned the movement of some vehicles around the 12th National Assembly elections to be held on Sunday (January 7). This ban was announced in a notice signed by DMP Commissioner Habibur Rahman on Thursday.

According to the notification, the movement of taxi cabs, pickups, microbuses, trucks, etc. has been banned in the DMP area from Saturday (January 6) midnight to 12 midnight on January 7. At the same time, a ban has been imposed on the movement of motorcycles from tomorrow Friday (January 5) at 12 midnight to Monday (January 8) at 12 midnight.

During this time law enforcement, armed forces, administration and authorized observers; Prohibition on the movement of vehicles engaged in emergency services and all types of vehicles carrying medicines, health care and goods used for such purposes and newspapers will remain relaxed. Apart from this, vehicles used for going to the airport for relatives, returning from the airport with passengers or relatives to their residence or relative’s residence (on presentation of ticket or similar proof) and any vehicle used to carry long-distance passengers or travel locally as long-distance passengers will also be exempted.

One for contesting candidate, one vehicle (small size vehicle like jeep, car, microbus etc.) for election agent of contesting candidate (subject to proper appointment/identity card), subject to approval of Returning Officer and display of sticker on the vehicle. Journalists, observers or motorcycles used for emergency purposes will be allowed to travel subject to the approval of the Returning Officer. Subject to the approval of the Election Commission, the officers-employees or any other person engaged in election work will be allowed to ride motorcycles. Vehicles to assist disabled voters; Restrictions on important roads, highways and main main road connections or such roads for exiting or entering Dhaka metropolis will remain relaxed.

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