The same person is in Chittagong prison three times under three names

He came to jail after being arrested not once-twice, but three-three times in three separate cases. Give different name and address every time. This 22-year-old youth came to prison last January 29. But since the name-address of the same person was mismatched every time, the Chittagong prison authority informed the court in writing about the matter. The court last Thursday ordered the police to investigate to find out his real identity.Sources of Chittagong Central Jail say that when a new inmate comes to the jail, his fingerprint must be verified with the fingerprint given in the national identity card. The fingerprints revealed that the accused had come to the jail three times under different names. His real identity is not known as he does not have a national identity card. The prison authorities informed the court in writing on January 30. Chittagong Metropolitan Magistrate Jewel Dev on receiving the letter sent from the prison ordered the city’s EPZ police station to investigate the correct name and address.

The senior supervisor of Chittagong Central Jail, Muhammad Manjur Hossain told Prothom Alo that after taking fingerprints, it was found that the accused had come to the jail three times in three cases. He came to the jail in the name of Shubo Das the first time, Riyad the second time and Shakib the third time. The matter has been informed to the court in writing.

Voters’ fingerprints are stored in the National Identity Card database (database). This method is called Fingerprint Identification and Verification System. Chittagong prison authorities started using this method from January last year. From January to December, 15 people who went to jail for money in exchange for money were identified by fingerprints.According to police and court sources, three persons were arrested by the EPZ police station on December 3 last year while preparing for a robbery in the Akmal Ali Road area of the city’s EPZ police station. Another 12 to 13 people fled from the spot. EPZ police station Sub Inspector (SI) Kamal Hossain investigating the case found out that a 22-year-old youth was involved in the incident. He was arrested on January 29. The court sent him to jail that day. After the arrest, the young man told the police his name, Shakib. And gave the address Barik Building Mor area of Bandar police station of the city. By way of identification, he said that he is the son of Sohel Rana of that area.

When asked to know about the case, Deputy Inspector Kamal Hossain of EPZ Police Station told Prothom Alo on Thursday night that the name and address given by the accused identifying himself as Shakib after the arrest was found to be incorrect after investigation. For this, a remand application has been made to interrogate him.

After being arrested and jailed in the EPZ police case, fingerprints revealed that the 22-year-old had been jailed in two cases earlier. The authorities told the court in a letter that the 22-year-old youth was arrested in the case of theft of electric cable from the city’s Patenga police station on July 27 last year before arriving on January 29. Then he identified himself as the son of Didar Alam of Shahadat Colony in Patenga. He introduced himself as Riyad. After serving two months in prison, he was released on bail on September 28 of that year. Earlier, the same youth was jailed on April 4, 2018 in a drug case of Patenga police station in the city. Then he introduced himself as Shubo Das, son of Nitai Das of Kishoreganj. He was released on bail on July 20 of that year. Currently two cases are under trial.

Public Counsel (PP) Abdur Rashid of the Chittagong Metropolitan Sessions Judge’s Court commented that the arrested accused are giving false names and addresses to avoid arrest or to remain free of punishment by going out on bail. He told Prothom Alo, if it is not possible after the arrest, the correct name and address should be verified before giving the investigation report or charge sheet.According to the prothomalo

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